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Community Group Definitions

Green Making is a community of people interested in building green living environments. We bring together people from many community groups. Community groups are further divided into social groups.

Community groups generally relate to the role of that group in turning resources into green homes, businesses and landscapes. There is also a group for facilitators: people and organizations that help those in the main flow. Here is the list of community groups

Source Group
Those that supply materials and components.
Manufacturing Group
Those that make finished tools, structural components, and other tangible products.
Those that market materials or manufactured goods to the industry or the general public.
Architecture/Design Group
Those that design living environments.
Building Group
Those that construct or modify living environments.
Those who rent or own living environments.
Transformation Group
Those who recycle, reuse, or deconstruct living environments and their components.
Those who provide services to the other groups.
Not Involved
Those not involved in the green community, but considering involvement.

Within any community group you may also be part of a social group, depending on what kind of activity you engage in. We've identified the following social groups that take part in the Green Making community:

Source Group
  • Material suppliers
Manufacturing Group
  • Manufacturers and fabricators
  • Merchants
  • Retailers
  • Stores (physical and online)
Architecture/Design Group
  • Architects
  • Community Planners
  • Home Designers
  • Interior Designers
  • Landscape Architects/Designers
  • Structural Engineers
Building Group
  • Builders (general contractors)
  • Building performance assessors
  • Trades (carpenters, electricians, masons, plumbers, etc.)
  • Business owners
  • Home owners
  • Renters
Transformation Group
  • Deconstruction company
  • Environmental cleanup
  • Recycler
  • Remodeling
  • Certification bodies
  • Conference hosts
  • Financial institutions and insurance companies/agencies
  • Government agencies and agents
  • Home or building appraisers
  • Marketing agencies
  • Media
  • Media content creators
  • Real estate agencies and agents
  • Technology developers
Not Yet Involved
  • Those not yet involved in the green community, but considering it.

The community and social groups help us determine where we can be the most service.